Memoria Hodie Futurus


Incidents that happened for the last 2 weeks

15 of July 2006, was invited to go camping at Kuala Koh, Tapah by J. The trip was just refreshing and that i met up with one of J's friend's friend. There was a camping ground for us to camp and per night charges is rm 10.00. next to the camp site is the stream flowing very cold water and there was a hot spring beside it. camped there for the night. I had bee stung and the poison was going for all my limp nod, so i had to dip into the cold stream to contain the swelling.
Apparently they said that the hot spring was so hot that we could boiled eggs. SY and W bought eggs and tried very hard to boiled them unfortunately their good deeds were futile. so we ended up putting it near to the camp fire. and the rate of success 50%. Not bad.
16july2006, went to TRAP(Sungkai) hot spring and it is boasted as the biggest hot spring in Malaysia. We did dip ourselves into a pool with the water tempreture of 40-50 degrees hot.I had to do that jsut to numb of the bee stings.
22July 2006, Grandy passed away. but i had to go for triathlon in Port Dickson. Went to PD and i really did enjoyed myself. Met up with lots of people from all kinds of walk. S and me went there to support J as it is his first time and i was impressed by his timing 52mins for the sprint event.
23July 2006, the D-Day for me. It's my first time joining this event. But then it has always been a dream of mind since uni days to do a triathlon. I did the pretty strong in the swim but the biking and running was my weakest event. But I have to say i finished within the qualification time. three hours and thirty minutes. I now can say that i have participated in a trithlon...YEEEEEAAAAAAHHHHH


Trip to KLCC-via BICYCLE and SWAM in PD

Well 4th of July 2006, i went to B's house intending to cycle around his housing area. Then the strangest idea just popped out of my bloody mouth... WHy NOT LETS CYCLE TO KLCC?what was i thinking.. cycle to klcc.? B just agreed and of we went.
We depart at B's place at half past seven in the evening head towards carrefour,cycled up the steep hill then down jln jelatek turning out to jln ampang and arrived at klcc at half past eight.All in just an hour. B said the speed we were cycling was at an everage of 20km/hr. I was using his old heavy mountain bike which belongs to B. The journey was just a blur. There were so much cars and i just don't know how i managed to ride it. B was all in cycling suit and i was just like ah peck with the white towel around the bicycle.
Heading back was just as bad. We used jnl kia Peng, turning into Jln Semarak to tnm Sri Rampai then head up to Section 10 and up again to carrefour. Going up that hill was a challenged. God Bless i did not stop and take a breather.Later turned into section 4 then to MMR2 and finally turning back to his house. arriving at half past nine. I was holding the bicycle so tied that my wrist began to hurt. But it was just worth it. I just could not believed it that i cycled to KLCC at night and back in one piece. The lenght of the whole journey was just 22km.But it was just worthi it.
The other event that i did was swam in PD with D,S AND J. A came along but she was just too tired from staying awake watching the Germans versus Argentina. All i could was, i have not swam in the sea for the longest time and was really impressed of myself being able to swim for a long time and was faster than most of my friends. Think i might take up the triatholon this month but i really have to train very hard.