Memoria Hodie Futurus


OH... SLEEP where art thou??....

WELL for the past 48 hours managed to sleep 2 hours and will be heading to the airport at 4 in the morning for Sabah to work. Things has been very tense for the lasst month or so. it requires lots of cables and funding. Contractor LTS asking diesel money again. finished using those that he bought yesterday 3 drums costing about rm1200.00 which i have to find all the way to uncle kk and tt it in Taiping to him at about 6 pm then rush back to kl. THis morning RM1800.00 and this has been going on for the last month or so.
Now i ve no choice but to go over to Sabah with Boss and handle matters. Hopefully it will all be settled by the end of the week. Settle meaning delivery of logs to factory and getting money from factory. Not only ends there... ve to pay my investors-DF,CC,B,D, back. it was just too tense... sorry cant tell u aabout the expense nor the profits
Questions was rolling in my head like wat "if" cannot pay investors back at the promised date.? by hook or by crook ve to pay them back. they have put a trust in me and i did promised them investment in return.
actually the job could ve finished by last week but LTS has too much pride and it was his pride that cost us lots of headaches... he has no sense in him wat would be the consequences. IT all started with the Factory lady ms. C made a remark to LTS indicating to him he is a destitute man and demand for the logs to be sent in soonest possible. The lorries were in fact on its way to the loading bay and wat LTS did without our knowledge stop the lorries and wanted to stop the logs from entering into the factory. as a results there was a delay and once he has notice his mistake went to amend it by then lorries were heading back to town. so last week was like hell seearching for money to sent the logs via barge. all in all 44000sq ft. ve to ask from Friends and at last managed to get D to borrow some money and while waiting for H to give me the money invested in shares. Thank God for D. May He bless her abundantly. With that ve to fly to Sabah later and deal with current issues.
SO... While waiting for time.. let me just share something to all ye who wonder is there a God. To me the answer is AFFIRMATIVE. Will back it up with my experience(s).
THis pic was drawn by CCH and it's to saved me from repeating wat really happened while i was on my sick bed for 1 1/2 week in Hospital where there were close to 100Friends of mine visited me.. Genius aint it? dun ve to repeat and was stick on to the wall next to me..
this was was really TRANSPIRED.... on 05 January 2003 at about or around 10 to 10 am as i was waitng for a group of foreign exhanged students from the States who wants to go for a hike in Taman Negara.
while waitng for them i sat on the varanda then at 10pst 10am that was wat happened(see pic). then i wonder did that really happen? andwhy did i not hit the ground or even the Concrete floor.all i could summarised is that God is watching over me.
i Thank God that my head did not land on the concreted Floor nor the Ground but just in the drain which was just enoough to let my head stuck there and not even touch the bottom of the drain.
Just wonder..... aint God amaaazing... so all i ve to say nowis that the will guide me through thecurrent event. and Great Blessing is coming and I will claim on the promises He has for me... claiming on JABES prayer...
Have many miracles as well to Share..its a fUTURUS AND mEMORIA..


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